INVESYDE is an R&D-focused company, specialised in providing services to businesses related to the Spanish electrical sector. In a globalised, corporate-driven ecosystem, INVESYDE strives to maintain a business model based on high-trust relationships and one-on-one treatment.

INVESYDE's team is composed by over 40 professionals, where its highly specialised staff of developers, modelers, and electrical-sector traders, tend to every business with an unprecedented technical knowledge and respect.

One of INVESYDE's main values resides in the partnership agreement between the company and its employees (founded on a remuneration model, labour conciliation, work ethics and environment, and a progressive participation in the company's shares), whereby a strong, enduring, and personalised relationship with the client is built. Customer loyalty is over 95%, and staff turnover is negligible in comparison to the sector's average (~1% in the last 5 years).

We yearn for challenges. Whilst accompanying the client from the beginning to the end, our know-how proves to be a sure path which leads to the utmost client satisfaction.

Our relationship with each client is tailor-made. We focus our aim on the real requirements. If the ideal solution is not readily-avaliable in the market, our R&D drive will create a solid and unique solution which perfectly fits the client's needs.

INVESYDE specialises in corporate energy & electricity consulting and engineering.

  • Adhered to the cogeneration "Todo-Todo" allowance plan, according to the R.D. 661/2007.

  • Spanish electrical ecosystem, including the generation, transportation, distribution, and market (MIBEL) systems.

  • Business Energy strategy.

  • Metering Point deployment and tuning of cogeneration systems, according to the R.D. 1110/2007.


  • Compensation limit in cogeneration reactive energy, according to the R.D. 661/2007.

  • Industrial plant energy-efficiency and savings.

  • Spanish electrical system legal particularities.

  • Electrical system: Load flow and saturation in power lines and interconnections.


  • Spanish electrical market investments.

  • Operational consultancy for generation plants in Spain.







Customised solutions target both large corporations and small businesses, and are optimised using cutting-edge technologies.

A broad development-architecture spectrum allows us to engage in the most challenging projects: Embedded, Desktop, Mobile Apps & Web.

We bring to the table unparalleled expertise in the Database world: Oracle, Microsoft, open-sourced or cloud. Our DB team excels in Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Big Data...

Our extensive knowledge of the electrical sector has made us experts in commodity markets' Operational APIs and terminals, such as Bloomberg, Trayport, Thompson Reuters...

At INVESYDE, agile methodologies are a must: clarity, tracking ease, and use of collaboration tools during the project's life-span, all translate to a higher degree of client satisfaction, trust, and delivery.

Engineering and consultancy firm specialised in project lead and technical advisory, as well as the design and development of control systems.


  • Automated baggage-handling systems.

  • Automated storage, rail-guided vehicles, classification systems.

  • Artificial vision.

  • Process simulation.

  • PLCs and SCADA systems.

Grupo Invesyde is commited to the Un Mundo Salvador Soler foundation